Sunday Musings II




Spotify is great for many things but those pre-made playlists on the home page are one of the greatest things. So when I came across 'Mellow Pop Gold' on Friday afternoon, it was the perfect playlist to listen to while working. I can guarantee that you will enjoy it, whether you're working or lying out in the sunshine. It's not something to sing to, just simply be mellow. 

Asian skincare is my new obsession. First of all, they introduced us to sheet masks which may make you look terrifying but do wonders for your skin. Now many cities in Asia are known to be the skincare capital of the world (notably it's Singapore), so now that Cult Beauty are selling Bio-Essence, we have the chance to try it ourselves. Move over French pharmacy brands!
Bioderma, but in a face wash form - that's the best way to describe this face wash, Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water Jelly Make-Up Remover. It's a make-up remover which is more of a gel than an oil or water, which for me is great for the summer. One pump of product for the face and then another for the eyes, gently massaging make-up off before removing it with a wet flannel. As I'm used to balms, my skin was a little more dehydrated than usual post-wash but for the summer, I prefer it as my skin is a little oilier. I've also been using this in the morning for a quick wash, which is refreshing as ever.
£16 - Cult Beauty