Travel Beauty Essentials

I love reading about what products people take on holiday, because half of the time I always question whether or not they actually use them all. So here it is, the beauty products I took to Bali and what I actually used. All essentials as they're daily products, no face masks or anything because let's be honest, it'll take time away from being on the beach!

For skincare, I kept it really simple with the Aesop Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser which actually doubled up as something to shave my legs with once I had ran out of body cleanser (the fanciest thing I did throughout the whole holiday). I used it morning and night as it's simple enough to clean my skin and keeping it moisturised. I kept a mini Caudalie Grape Water spray in my bag and a large one in the bathroom to add a spritz here and there, it's something I love in hot water as it's so refreshing and easy to use. For my daytime moisturiser, I kept it simple with the Clinique SPF30 Face Cream and only used that. In the evening I indulged a little with a few sachets of Aesop Fabulous Face Oil which came in handy, but mostly I was using the Antipodes Vanilla Pod Face Cream. The only time it's acceptable to use face wipes is when you're travelling, in my mind. So I took to the Simple Micellar Water face wipes which were surprisingly very gentle on my face, although I found them to useful for other things such as taking them on a hike!

For body, I went through so much suncare and aftersun, I was so surprised. I initially had taken Clinique SPF 30 Body Cream and their After Sun Balm with aloe vera in it, but that was completely used up within the first week. In the first few days, since my skin wasn't used to the hot sun, I burnt quite badly so I bought a Nivea SPF 50 to ensure I wouldn't burn again. I also picked up a Vaseline Body Lotion with Aloe as an after sun! I was determined to keep adding moisturise back into my bed, so I was fairly vigilant with adding more sun protection and then after sun. For body cleanser, I took advantage of all the miniature bottles of Geranium Body Cleanser I had accumulated from when I was working at Aesop!

I was the same with my hair, by adding extra moisture into it and making sure that it didn't try out, although it did naturally lighten quite a lot! For shampoo and conditioner, I was using a John Frieda Beach Blonde Purifying Shampoo and Detangling Conditioner, although that finished fairly quickly so I picked up a Sunsilk Shampoo & Conditioner which is a popular brand in Asia. For post wash, I added Moroccan Oil Treatment to my hair every evening, which is also my new obsession! I did take the Phyto UV Protective Hair Oil and aim to use it everyday after being in a swimming pool/ocean but that didn't happen once!

As for make-up, I took a yellow toned pressed powder and a tinted brow gel but I didn't end up using it once! I took it in case I wanted to go for a nicer dinner and pop a little make up on, but I'm always so happy with a bare faced once I have a tanned face. One thing I always do ensure I do before going on holiday is get a shellac manicure & pedicure and although it sometimes can be a little more expensive, it's worth it as it can last around 3 weeks. In London, I will always head to Nails and Brows in Greek Park! I've been going there for a while now so I will 100% recommend it to everyone! They offer all services for nails and brows, everything from a simple shape & polish to Shellac, threading & tinting of brows. They also offer various eyelash services, however lash extensions is far too much commitment for me. 

What is your travel beauty essential?

Luce x