Sunday Musings IV

This week was never ending for me, but when it came to Saturday, it felt like it was in the middle of the week still. It was mostly spent working from bed, napping, going to the doctors and suffering from cabin fever come Thursday. I haven't been ill in a long time and I was determined to not let it affect me week, but alas it did but now I'm feeling a whole lot better. 

With cabin fever hitting me on Thursday, I took myself for a long walk, explored my area a little more and made it back in time to see the stormy skies as it was about to pour down. Thankfully on Saturday it felt like summer again so I had a walk to Alexandra Palace to see the street food festival, have a little sunbathe before treating myself to the biggest ice cream ever on the way back home. 

• // An interesting article on Into The Fold Mag, Attack of the Instagram Vegan. Coming directly from a vegan, she discusses how Instagram vegans are the movement itself and us all. 
• // Have you seen this video of Ruthie Lindsey talking about her story? If you haven't, you should as she's very inspiring and proves that beauty can come out of brokenness. 
• // One of my favourite bloggers, Emma, launched a new site, Kuidore, concentrating on travelling and food. If you're ever in need of being inspired to travel, look at her new site as she has documented her recent travels with some great places to visit. 
• // I've had a few compliments on my current phone case, which is a cute mint green and white striped case with pink flamingos on it. It's a custom phone case from Caseapp and if you pop 'LUCECASE' into the checkout, you will receive 20% discount on all orders too! I always pick up my phone cases from there due to the wide range of cases there is. 

I'd like to say a huge thank you for all the kind words left on my last post, It's Ok To Be Alone. It wasn't necessarily a hard one to write and post, but I was unsure on how people would react to it and it went down better than expected, so thank you.

Luce x