Pancakes with a Blackcurrant Compote

I've started to enjoy lazy Saturday's and a late brunch on the balcony, especially in the last few weeks of the summer. I tend to have a lazier Saturday than a Sunday, as I will usually head to an early pilates class and to a market on a Sunday morning. Last weekend I had some last leftover blackcurrants which needed to be used up, along with a craving for pancakes. 


Having never made a compote before, I initially assumed there would be water in the recipe and after a quick google search, found out there wasn't. It's one of the easiest recipes I've ever made and all it takes is two quick steps.

  • I used 200g of blackcurrants (but you can use any berries for this too) and added two tablespoons of coconut sugar to take away the tartness.
  • Add it to a pan on the stove, cook until the currants start to burst and take off the heat. The juice will start to bubble and that's best way to know to take it off the heat.
  • Before allowing it to cool, I stirred up the mixture a little to ensure all the currants have burst.
  • Transfer to a mason jar once cooled and store in the fridge to use.

As for pancakes, I don't follow a recipe, I just throw everything into a bowl and hope for the best. A pancake mixture is the simplest mixture ever, as it's only eggs, flour, milk and a little sugar mixed to the thickness you'd prefer. Side note - I used one egg, plain flour, coconut sugar and almond milk in these! After frying them in the pan with a little Vita Coco Coconut Oil (my fav!), they were ready for a brunch on the balcony.

Breakfast food will always be my favourite so I'm always looking for different recipes to start making. Now I just need to perfect my poached eggs as I have never been able to make a successful one yet!

Luce x