The View at The Shard

When I first moved to London, I lived down the road from The Shard, I literally could look out of the kitchen window and see it so I was always amazed by it. I would walk past it on a near daily basis and always want to go up it, but it seemed silly to go play tourist in my own city. But that's one of the greatest things, especially when you're discovering new parts (or sights) of London! So when I was offered tickets as part of the #DoMoreWithAvios campaign, I snapped them up and took my partner in crime, my sister and our friend there on Sunday!


I will be honest and admit that the thing I was most excited about was using the toilet on the 69th floor, because look at this view! Now I can understand why so many people spent so long inside there...

Turns out that playing tourist in your own city is rather fun and also scary when you're 72 floors high! After being relieved that I wasn't able to see out of the lift going up and being impressed by the Disney-like music in the lifts, we walked out onto the 69th floor to see the first view before going up again to the 72nd floor. On the 72nd floor at the moment, Fortum & Mason has taken it over for an afternoon special and to make it seem like a garden, which was super cute to see. 

A lot of the people around me where celebrating birthdays and other things, however I found that we only spent maybe 30-45mins tops up there. So if you do plan on going there for a full day, make sure you plan other things for the day, such as having a wander around Borough Market which is opposite for lunch and then having a walk to the Southbank for dinner. 

Let me explain the #DoMoreWithAvios campaign, as Avios is a rewards points company and the money you spend on food, holidays and even wine can earn you points to spend on things later on. The campaign is focusing on inviting a friend or a significant other to spend the points you've earned with you! You start collecting the points by being part of the Avios Travel Reward Scheme or the British Airways Executive Club, which you may already be a part of if you travel often with BA. Think of it like air miles, you collect them while travelling and spend them again on another flight somewhere else. 

This post was written in collaboration with Avios.