Franco Manca

On our Saturday trip to Broadway Market, we were trying to think of what food we wanted to get there but since it was starting to rain, there was only answer - Franco Manca! Especially as there was no queue despite it being 1pm, so we took advantage of that and went straight for the pizza.

I've lived in London for three years now and still hadn't been here for pizza, even after hearing so many people talk about it. I had tried to go a few times, but the queue was always too long and by the time we had arrived there, I was too hungry to wait. I wouldn't want to be hangry by the time I sat down to eat! Now I can understand the hype.

We both went for mozzarella, tomato and basil, simple and hit the spot! They have a soft pillow sourdough base, which is divine and I couldn't stop eating the crusts which is odd for me as I will usually leave them. Don't bother trying to share too as that won't happen!

There are a few locations dotted around London so next time you're in the city, I would definitely suggest heading there for a pizza! Although you can't book and it can become very busy, if you head there at the right time, it's well worth the wait in the queue.

Luce x