Neom in Wimbledon // The Beauty Retreat

Welcome to The Beauty Retreat, a column where I'm going to talking you through some of the best treatments offered across the city in London and afar. Not just in spas, but also at home and other beauty experiences. While I will only share the best of the best, all retreats will be something for everyone to offer and will enable you to experience something from the outside in.

At the weekend, I took the train to Wimbledon in South London to visit the Neom Spa in Wimbledon Village. Being a huge fan of Neom products, I was excited to visit their only store, which also is their flagship store, in the UK. The company has only just recently started to offer treatments, which all of four of them are offering in the store. After being created by a team of 11 wellbeing experts, all treatments include a mixture of therapies which include meditation, shiatsu, cranio, Thau massage, trigger point and reflexology. Not your usual typical massages, the Neom treatments provide true therapeutic wellbeing benefits.

After arriving in the store, the therapist will talk you through the scent test before the treatment starts. It simply means that you sniff four different candles and whichever candle smells the strongest to you at the time will determine the treatment which you receive on the day. I went for the De-Stress Treatment after choosing the Real Luxury candle, which is already a favourite of mine. After changing and laying down in the low-lit beautifully scented room, the next 60 minutes are total bliss. There will be a background voice talking you through the meditation while the therapist provides specialist massage to the stress relieving points of the head, face, neck and back. Using the Neom Intensive Skin Treatment candle, a candle which burns to a certain temperature and the oil is poured onto the skin to hydrate. After turning onto my front, I had a light thai massage on my back with a body scrub mixed with a clay mask, which unfortunately, is only available for spa use. 

I left the store feeling refreshed, slightly taller from the shiatsu on my back and overall like I wanted to return with my mum so she could experience too. Neom's treatments offer a treatment which is unlike any other and you're able to choose from a 60 or 90 minute treatment. The four treatments include the sleep treatment, de-stress treatment, energise treatment and happiness treatment so there is something for everyone. You'll leave like a calmer version of yourself and also needing to wash your hair from all the oil used throughout the head massage. With the prices starting from £70 and also an express treatment for £15, it's a very well priced treatment, almost cheap, for how amazing it is. 

Take the products home with you with the Neom Essential De-Stress Kit, a travel sized kit which is a small free gift for when you leave. Next up, I'm going to be sharing my favourite ways to relax at home, including some products at home. Plus I'm eyeing up the candle they have with collaboration with Jenny Packman!

Lucy x