I'm Feeling 22 // Happy Birthday To Me!

It's been a while since I last sat down and properly wrote something for my blog, so here it is, I'm back from Bali and today it's my birthday! Ever since Taylor Swift released '22' on the Red album, I have been looking forward to turning 22 so I can sing it all the time and for it to be relevant. I always look at my birthday as it being a new year, rather than when it actually is New Year, so it's a good time to reflect on the past year.

  1. Who knew that I would finally leave my last job and find something I enjoy working on everyday.
  2. Living in London really has it's perks for my career, I realised that this year.
  3. When everyone around me has graduated from university, landing a dream job with only A Levels made me feel extremely proud of myself.
  4. None of the above means that I have things figured out, so I still don't have the answer to the question, 'so what do you want to do as your main career?'.
  5. Travel has became one of my biggest passions; Bali proved that for me so I'm excited for up and coming trips.
  6. Just because friends leave to move to different countries doesn't mean that friendships die down, it means you have a super exciting place to visit for a holiday.
  7. London at night quickly became one of my favourite things about the city.
  8. But leaving the city to escape back to the countryside still doesn't get old.
  9. It's only in the past year when I have finally felt like an adult, as childish as I can be at times still.
  10. It's ok to be selfish at times, it's important to take time for yourself and don't let people stop you from doing that.
  11. It's also important to step away from social media and realise that a lot of what I see isn't real, so to stop letting it get me down at times.
  12. Reaching out to someone close to you for help is a huge step, but also very important.
  13. And accepting that things's aren't ok is another huge step, as is moving on from it all.
  14. It's ok to be slightly jealous of all the people around you who are getting engaged/married, but continue to enjoy my 20s being single for now. 
  15. It's ok to listen to all your favourite 90s tune (ahem Steps & Destinys Child) on Spotify but to hide it in private sessions.
  16. It's also completely acceptable to spend almost every night binge watching TV shows on Netflix. 
  17. I need to stop pining for my own flat in London, but to continue to pin things in Pinterest for the future flat.
  18. Life can get in the way of blogging at times, but this time of the year also marks my blogs third birthday. 
  19. I wouldn't be in the position now without my blog, as it can also turn into a great portfolio, so I am thankful for everything this also brings.
  20. Just as I said in last years post, believing in yourself can go a long way in the world so always continue to do that.
  21. I just need to now learn how to properly look after a plant before I'm allowed to get my own dog.
  22. But that doesn't stop me from taking photographs of every puppy I see out and about in London.

My break from the blog/life has inspired me more than ever to blog & write, so starting from tomorrow there will be a mass amount of posts all about my trip to Bali.

All my love, I wouldn't feel this happy right now without all your support. Luce x