Coffee & Spice Gardens // Ubud, Bali

On part of a day trip around the surrounding area in Ubud, the main stop for me was the coffee & spice gardens. They were particularly famous for a coffee which is created from beans which have been digested through a Luwak (which is basically an Asian cat in a tree) before being roasted and ground. But the gardens also grow everything from cacao beans (the first picture, it was amazing seeing them growing in real life) to lemongrass and ginger. Everything which is grown on the farms are then made into coffee & teas too, which can be seen on the testing table where we were able to try all the different drinks. It's not everyday you're able to see your everyday ingredients growing in the wild, so it was an amazing experience. I couldn't not pick up some tea & coffee so I bought a pack of lemongrass loose tea & coconut coffee (the coffee granules are mixed with dried coconut cream). 

The last stop before heading back to the centre of Ubud was this beautiful view of Mount Batur and the natural lake below it. Although I tried to capture the beauty in my images, it will never beat the view in front of your eyes. This spot was simply a little dust patch at the side of the road, but our driver insisted it was the best view we could have asked for without going into the paid areas. 

The next day I left Ubud and although I was super sad to be leaving such a beautiful place, nothing prepared me for the beauty on the island I was heading to. More of that will come tomorrow!

Luce x