Chasing The Blonde Dream

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Cut & Colour

After chasing the blonde dream for months, I finally achieved the level of blonde I'd been wanting by the lovely Victoria at the Aveda salon near Covent Garden, London. I'm a huge believer of showing the hairdresser pictures of hair inspiration, so I whipped out my iPad to show her my hair & beauty Pinterest board which was filled with pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Olsen's hair colour. Aiming for a mixture between both of them, keeping in mind I wanted it to look uber natural and for the regrowth to be effortless, we got to work. Using two tones of the dye, it started with one shade lighter than my natural colour nearest to my roots before working down with a different tone. My colourist used a technique called 'tipping', by adding an even lighter colour right to the ends of my hair throughout it all to add a little pop of brightness. Post washing, it was time to move onto the toner to take away the bleach blondeness and this is where I was super impressed - the toner smelt of pure lavender in the best possible way, which made the head massage, even more, relaxing. Whenever I have my hair coloured, from the start I make sure the colourist knows that I want an ashy look to my hair and this particular toner gave me the perfect ashy hair colour I was looking for. Looking at it from different angles, it's very multi-tonal and even more so underneath where the 'tipping' technique comes into play, as it has achieved white ashy sections which I love!
Usually for my cut, I go to see Sean at Hershesons on Conduit Street, who is also a good friend of mine and the reason why I continue to keep my hair short. He's been cutting my hair for about year and a half now, so knows how I like my hair and how I style it on a daily basis, however, I trust him to play around and do as he wishes. Because of this, I'm always hesitant to have someone else cut my hair, but I was put in the helping hands of Sally at Aveda following my colour. This time, I made sure that no weight was taken out of my hair and around an inch & a half taken off the length. If you've ever had short hair before, you know that it's a must to head to the hairdressers every 8 weeks or so as you notice your hair grows so fast and at the time, my hair was overdue a cut. After blow-drying my hair, Sally went back in and cut a little off the layers to take away the dead ends and evened up my front bangs. I'm a huge fan of dry cutting hair, especially as I don't wear my hair in my natural state, so it's better for me to see how it will fall. 
If you're looking to treat yourself to a new haircut, I would thoroughly suggest the Aveda salon and both Victoria for colour and Sally for a cut. Although the prices are a little higher than other salons, you are paying for both quality and the experience. I will definitely be heading back there when I need my hair coloured again, most likely in the late Spring time, when it's due an update. 



If you didn't know already, my hair is naturally very curly so when I wash my hair, I will blow dry & straighten my hair. Due to this, I have to ensure that my hair is kept in tip top condition and doesn't dry out - cue me using the most intensive hydration products. When you have blonde hair (naturally or not), it's always a good choice to use a blue shampoo & conditioner every now and to bring the blonde out a little more. But if you are using a blue toned product, ensure you shampoo your hair before with a regular product to actually wash your hair. I've been using Lee Stafford Coco Loco Shampoo & Conditioner, which surprised me at how much I liked using this. I'm a hair product snob and usually, always choose the higher end brands. The coconut scent swayed me, as well as how much it hydrated my hair and left it silky smooth (which may be due to the silicones - ouch). As for the blue shampoo & conditioner which I've been using, I've been using the Davines range which I'm a huge fan of. The Alchemic Silver Fox Shampoo & Conditioner has been nearly used up, which I use every other wash to keep the blonde topped up. Davines is a new brand to me, but so far everything from them I have loved, especially as it's an eco-friendly family-run business! 

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When it comes to styling my hair, I'm not very adventurous as over the years I've learnt which suits me and I haven't changed much else. Having my hair cut short helps me loads, as it literally means I don't have much to work with and it doesn't take much to do. After removing any excess water from my hair with a towel and waiting a little for it to dry, I always use a round barrel brush with my GHD Air blowdryer to dry it straight before going over with my GHD straighteners to remove any extra kinks around my roots. Although some days I do leave it to dry completely naturally or even sleep with wet hair, it never has good results so I try not to do that so often. Whilst my hair is still wet, I apply a little Phyto 7 Hydrating Day Cream which adds more moisture, prevents frizz and adds a touch of natural shine to the hair. Before blow drying, I have started to spray a little of the Duck & Dry Blow Dry In a Bottle through my hair which adds more volume to my hair once it has been dried without the need to add more texturising spray. As I have always been someone who showers in the evening, I naturally wash my hair on an evening too so the following morning after washing it, I will add a few waves into my hair. Lately, I have been using my GHD straighteners to add an 'S curl', which I learnt through Emily Weiss from Into The Gloss. This simply means I curve the irons in an S move, which adds a slight wave to the hair without being too curly. If I am using a curler, I always reach for my Enrapture wand which has been used to the max but it isn't suited to my shorter hair now. Do you have any curling wand/tong suggestions which are great for short hair? To finish a hair style off, I run a little Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Oil through the ends, a product I cannot live without and it's many uses. If my hair is a little too fluffy from washing, I will add more texture in it using Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Finish Spray or Bumble & Bumble Thickening Creme Contour!