Cooking with Coconut Oil

I have a love hate relationship with cooking. If I have plenty time to cook, I take pleasure in spending time in the kitchen, but come 8pm on a weekday after work and the gym, it's the last time I want to do. Along with making an effort to work harder and go to the gym more often, I've been making small changes in my diet. Throughout the week, I tend to rarely eat meat and eat a lean diet (but I don't get myself down if all I want to eat is a burger or a bowl of pasta) and then at the weekend, I allow myself to eat as I wish without binging like crazy. It's not some crazy diet, it's just conscious decisions I make for myself. One change I have made to my cooking is always cooking with coconut oil as I find that it goes with everything and it's the best oil to cook with as it can withstand high temperatures. In the past I have used the Tiana Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  and also the Perfectly Pure Coconut Oil, which have suited the purpose but both have a fairly strong coconut taste, which I dislike as I don't particularly enjoy the coconut taste. Since then, I have been using the Vita Coco Coconut Oil which I've liked so much, I've went through two tubs so far and it doesn't taste of coconut either! 

Scrambled Eggs, Chorizo, Spinach on Rye Bread
I always use coconut oil when I'm frying things, so scrambled eggs was no exception as it will give it a boost of good fats. For this, I simply toasted a slice of rye bread which I always buy from Planet Organic before frying a little chorizo (which you don't need any oil as it has it's own fat). After the chorizo, I add a little coconut oil into a pan before adding two eggs whisked together, scrambling them before wilting a little spinach in the pan afterwards. Topped all on top of the rye bread, I usually eat this after a workout or as an indulgent breakfast. 

Seared Salmon Fillet, Courgetti, Mixed Grains and Mushrooms
This has got to be one of my favourite dinners to make after working out - it's filling, delicious and can be suited to whatever you have in your fridge. I'm a huge fan of salmon, so I always ensure I keep fillets in the freezer to have on hand. This time around, I had prepared a load of mixed grains the weekend before to have on hand throughout the week, which I paired with half a courgette put through a spiralizer and a few raw mushrooms (is it only me who loves them raw?!). As for the salmon, after defrosting it through the day, I season with a little salt & pepper before sear it in a frying pan with a little hot coconut oil. 

Sweet Potato Fries
How I went most of my life without eating sweet potato, I will not know because I eat so many of them throughout the week now. To go alongside most meals as my carb, I will roast sweet potato cut up into slices or wedges/fries. I melt a little of it in the microwave before pouring it over the fries, the same as you would with olive oil etc. Although you can easily dry roast the fries, I find that they're a little tastier with the oil on top of it. 

Buckwheat Pancakes with Fruit Compote
A few months ago, I shared the recipe to my favourite pancakes. Lately for a little healthier choice, I swapped out the plain flour for buckwheat and have been using coconut oil in replace of butter in the mixture too, as well as using it to fry the pancakes. 

Acai and Coconut Smoothie Bowl
I love smoothie bowls, I would happily eat them for all meals if it was possible. The cold weather has put me off eating them these past few months, but I have been trying a few new ones out to share with you when it's warm enough to eat them. This has been my favourite out of them all so far, as the coconut taste surprised me. Using frozen banana, acai pack, spinach, maca powder and nut milk, I also popped a tablespoon of coconut oil in there to add some good fats (which can be seen in the small red Anthropologie bowl). It blended perfectly with no lumps of the oil whatsoever and added a slight coconut taste so it. A great addition for anyone who doesn't enjoy the taste of acai, but would like to have the benefits of it.