Postcards from Christmas

Over Christmas and New Year, I was back at home in Durham for a whole two weeks and it was absolute bliss. I haven't been home for longer than a week in such a long time, especially over the festive period due to my last job not allowing me to have the time off. So this year I took advantage off it and stayed at home for as long as I could. Christmas was just my mum, my sister and I this year, as my dad had to work away which sucked, but it just means I'll be making another trip home soon. But also, when I was home, it'll be the last time I'll ever be in that house before my parents move. It's definitely weird knowing you're not going to be sleeping in a room/house where I spent my whole teens in and have so many memories attached to. 

Honestly, I barely left my pyjamas while I was at home and that's no lie. I managed to eat everything in the kitchen, so I was thankful for a change in diet once I got back to London (all hail my new juicer & spiralizer) and also going back to the gym. My days were spent walking with my dogs, watching hours of crappy movies on the TV and not much else. 

I wasn't sure whether I should include so many pictures of my dogs in this post, as I didn't know who if everyone was such an animal lover as I am. But these three dogs, Basil, a Yorkshire Terrier & Mini Poodle Mix; Sam, a black Labrador who I think resembles a seal and Fudge, an overly attached chocolate Cocker Spaniel are three of my favourite things in the world. Seeing them is one of the main perks of when I'm home! 


As my sister came back to London just before New Year, my mum and I created a mighty cheeseboard to eat on New Years Eve in front of the TV. We ate nearly every scrap on the board (which is actually the chopping board - my mum's idea to use it all for photo purposes!) and subsequently fell into a cheese coma. I am certainly cheesed out for a while!