Bali On Film

So back when I was in sixth form, I took photography for one of my A levels and it was probably the only subject I really enjoyed, although it killed my love for photography slightly. But it was then when I learnt about shooting in film, which led to me only shooting in film for two years straight. Although I haven't been in a darkroom since I left, I still know how to process anything and it's a skill I don't want to learn. 
When I was back at home over Christmas, I found a few rolls of film which had got lost amongst everything and found some gems. I found a roll of film from a trip to Italy back when I was 17, which was lovely to look at. With so much to get developed, I made sure to develop my film from Bali. I love these photos too much not to share!

These were taken on a Lomography 35mm Aqua Underwater camera, which isn't available anymore, however you may find it on Amazon or eBay! Although they aren't the most in focus photographs (due to the camera having no focus feature), it's made me fall back in love with film photography. There's nothing quite like being surprised by the pictures you took at a later time. With a few trips in the works for coming months, I'm going to be sure to dig out my old cameras and take them rather than a digital camera.

Luce x