Eight Things Which Made Me Happy This Week!

I've been counting down to the weekend all week, more than usual, for no other reason than that I want to stay in bed as much as possible. I always need one day on a weekend to do nothing and just do life admin, so when recently I haven't had time, it's thrown me off course a little. May be boring to some, but I love nothing more than just pottering about the flat on a weekend.

  1. Flowers are blossoming all around my local park! I went for my first outdoor run of the year (it felt good to leave the gym for once) and it was also the first time I had been in the park this year. Spring is coming!
  2. It's certainly been a pamper week for me this week, with a facial at Aveda last Monday and tomorrow I'm popping into central for a treatment on my hair. I will report back on all of these soon, but after an amazing facial (I rarely leave a facial 100% happy), I have high hopes!
  3. Talking about beauty, I've been making a conscious effort recently to properly use up all my beauty products and to consider a cruelty-free alternative when repurchasing. I'm leaning towards using brands such as RMS for make-up, but for skincare, I'm a little stumped. I'm looking at Tata Harper at the moment, however I haven't tried anything from them yet.
  4. Finishing The Affair, although that's also a bad thing as I need to wait until the next season. After being recommended to watch The Affair, I got stuck it it straight away and became obsessed. If you haven't watched it, I highly recommend it as you'll end up binging on both seasons. Now that is over for the time being, I've joined the hype and started to watch House of Cards which so far I am thoroughly enjoying. You also need to watch Thirteen on BBC iPlayer if you haven't, it's absolutely brilliant!
  5. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, a brilliant empowering book. If you missed my Instagram about it earlier in the week, I've been reading Lean In for the past week or so and haven't been able to put the book down. Focusing on women, work and leaders, there will be something which everyone can take away. I would highly recommend popping that onto your reading list!
  6. Catching up on all of my favourite websites, such as Man Repeller. It's careers month on MR this month, interviewing all the different staff members including Leandra, but they also talk about favourite things about jobs and have a great chat with Emily Weiss & Maggie Winter.
  7. Making chilli for the zillionth (ok, maybe not that many times, but I've cooked it a lot) time this year in an attempt to get the recipe just right. It's my new thing and without blowing my own trumpet, I make a cracking good one! Except every time it tastes slightly different and me being me never writes down/remembers exactly what I put in it. This time around I turned it vegan by leaving out the meat and adding extra beans, which I think I almost prefer. 
  8. Finally launching the re-design of my blog. How are you finding it? Do you like it? I've wanted to do it for so long, but have put it off for so long!

What has made you happy this week?