Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes

Finding the right eyeshadow for you!

If I could only have three makeup items for the rest of my life, it would include foundation, mascara and eyeshadow. Forget the rest, eyeshadow can change a look instantly and it's one of the things which I love about the product. I have far too many eyeshadows for one girl with two eyes, but I have a few which I keep going back to because they're my all time favourites. I have hazel eyes, although they do look a lot more green most of the time (the life of ever changing eye colours), so I always look for colours which suit my eye colour. 

The Powders

I'm a huge lover of both cream and powder eyeshadows, but they often create different looks. There are some eyeshadows in powder form which wouldn't create the same look if they were in a cream formula, such as Burberry Pale Barley Eyeshadow. Pale Barley is an eyeshadow which you have heard me talk about time and time again, but after looking at how much I have used of this eyeshadow, you can see it's well loved. I wear it almost every day, some days on its own and some days as a base for a smokey eye. It's a beautiful taupe brown shimmer which is super buttery, although there is no fall out of shadow or shimmer. I pack this eyeshadow on with a MAC 217 and no matter how much or little you use, it always looks so beautiful and never too much. Not limited to hazel eyes, it's the perfect eyeshadow for everyone. As well as Pale Barley being up there with something you need, the shadow I put through my crease when wearing Pale Barley on an evening is always Burberry Khaki Eyeshadow. A bit unexpected as it is after all, a green eyeshadow, but it just works! A matte eyeshadow which is the same consistency at the other, which means they blend beautifully together. 
Moving on from Burberry, Bobbi Brown is my next stop for great eyeshadows coming in the form of Heather matte eyeshadow and Pebble sparkle eyeshadow. Heather eyeshadow is a beautiful grey violet shade, but don't let it put you off as it will just simply enhance the green in hazel eyes. This was the first piece of Bobbi Brown makeup I ever bought back when I was 17, so this really shows how old this eyeshadow is. Pebble is described as a 'silvery pink', but in reality, it's more of a silvery taupe shade. Whereas I can apply Heather all over the lid, Pebble can simply be used to add sparkle to any matte shadow by dabbing it on with your ring finger. Another two shadows which I love are Benefit Long-Lasting Powder Eyeshadow in Thanks A Latte and MAC Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe! Thanks A Latte is a beautiful golden brown which is highly pigmented with little fall out when applied to the eye, whereas Satin Taupe is a hugely popular eyeshadow and is the most typical shimmer 'taupe' shadow out there. 

The Creams

I could say that I love cream shadows for when I'm feeling lazy or I'm in a rush, but in reality, I wear these very often just as normal eyeshadows. I have a concentrated selection of cream eyeshadows, as I find that they often dry up very quickly and I don't want to go to waste. Saying that, one which has lasted me for a very long time is the Clinique Lid Smoothie in Currant Affair. In a small squeezy tube, you do have to be aware that it is a lot more liquidy that other cream shadows but I find that layering this shadow works the best. Currant Affair is yet another lilac grey toned shadows, but this also looks lovely layered underneath Burberry's Pale Barley! 
If you're looking for the best of the best, you can't beat MAC Paint Pots. They're famous for a reason, they really are amazing & I find they're the most long lasting cream shadow pots out of them all. Groundwork is a warm brown which is great to be used as a base for a smokey eye, Vintage Selection is a shimmery peach shade with a hint of brown mixed in there which I absolute love wearing on its own with a little brown eyeliner and Constructivist is a metallic brown with a red pearl running through it, which is able to create a beautiful deep smokey eye on its own. 
Apart from those shadows, the only other cream shadow which I reach for is Benefit's Birthday Suit! I remember when I first bought this shadow, I had been living in London for about two months and was meant to be handing out CV's, except I ended up shopping and bought this eyeshadow. I've since gone through multiple pots of the stuff and will always repurchase it when it goes dry. Birthday suit is described as 'brushed chrome', but I simply find that it's the nearest cream shadow version of Burberry's Pale Barley (can you tell that I really love this eyeshadow?). The only downside to the Benefit cream eyeshadows is that they dry out very quickly, my last full-size version only lasted me about four/five months. If you're keen to try the shadows out but don't want to commit to just one colour, in some of the eyeshadow kits, there are smaller pots of the shadow. As I mentioned the powder version, I also love the Bobbi Brown Cream Shadow in Heather too. A little easier to wear as you're able to layer it to a darker colour, but also use it as a base colour for other eyeshadows. 

Now tell me, what is your favourite eyeshadow to use which suits your eye colour the most?