Sunday Snapshot #1

This weekend brought warm days with a splash of rain too, a hint that the April showers are here to stay but at least, I was able to leave my flat without a coat on. Yesterday I ate Korean food and today I had Mexican food for dinner, that's a success in my eyes. 

  1. If activewear is also your thing, take a look at the newest WhistlesXFrame collaboration and their beautiful campaign images. I spotted it in store while picking up something new and fell in love with their leggings.
  2. The New York Times wrote something about 'How To Start Running', covering all basis in one post which I enjoyed reading. I want to try and get back into running, so I'm going to attempt to put some of these tips into practice.
  3. I've spent the last few mornings listening to The Great British Breakfast playlist on Spotify - an all round great playlist with songs you will have forgotten about. 
  4. Speaking of Spotify, Kanye West finally put The Life of Pablo on Spotify so I've been thoroughly enjoying listening to it. Is it too soon to say that it's possibly the best album he's written since Watch the Throne with Jay Z?
  5. If you're in the UK and are in the need of something to watch, I would highly suggest watching Thirteen on BBC iPlayer. It's only five episodes long, but each episode is highly gripping and at least now you're able to binge on them!
  6. One question to you all - where is your favourite place to look for iPhone cases? I've just upgraded to the iPhone 6S Plus so while I'm waiting for it to arrive, I want to find a cute new case for it! 


Sophia Webster (sophiawebster) - Daily snaps from the team at SWHQ which will keep you entertained during your work day. There's a reason why their snapchat was featured in Vogue!
Allison Williams (awilly88) - She's hilarious, she has an adorable dog & she's brutally honest. Everything I look for in a friend basically!
Emily Valentine Parr (stylelobster) - I may be biased here as Emily is a friend, but she's hilarious and she loves to stalk dogs on snapchat as much as I do.
Eva Longoria (realevalongoria) - Possibly the best celebrity who I follow on snapchat, it's made me find a new love for her!
Glossier/Into The Gloss (glossier.irl) - If you're into Glossier or ITG, you need to follow them on Snapchat too. I like how they keep their snaps to a minimum, but still show off the beauty of Glossier.
Karlie Kloss (karliekloss) - Let's be honest, I couldn't not put Karlie in this list as she's one of my biggest idols to date. 

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