A Love for Glossier

If you follow me on Instagram, then this is old news, but I truly believe Glossier is worth the hype. I've read Into The Gloss for years, pretty much since it launched and I trusted whatever products Emily Weiss created, they must be good. Now trust me, they are good. I have been using their products since mid-last year and I didn't want to write about them until I could say this - Glossier is finally in the UK! 

A little back story about the brand. Into The Gloss was a blog written by Emily Weiss, which soon turned into a beauty bible for millions around the world. Years later, Glossier launched on Instagram by creating a moodboard and the community helped create awareness, I saw it myself from the beginning and have huge respect for the brand for doing it that way. Fast forward to 2017, Glossier are finally shipping outside of the US. They started to ship to Canada, now have their own warehouse in the UK meaning UK shopping and are expanding to France in 2018. Plus from November 15th - 22nd, Glossier will be setting up shop at 32 Portland Place in Marylebone for customers to shop IRL. Great location too, it happens to be a few streets away from my office, so perfect for all the shopping.

As for products, is it too much to say that you need to try them all? However, if I had to edit them down to my absolute favourites, it would look like this. I'm on my second bottle of Milky Jelly Cleanser and already have two more waiting to be opened. It's a jelly consistency which melts makeup away and leaves the skin feeling conditioned, whilst still feeling very clean. What more could you ask for? Priming Moisturiser and Priming Moisturiser Rich are also both worth it all. I first tried the Rich version when it launched in January and fell in love with the buttery consistency. It left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised throughout the whole winter months and I'm itching to restock for the winter. For the past two years, I've religiously been using the original PM in the morning. Once after I've washed my face and once again just before I apply my makeup, not because it doesn't hydrate (because it does), I just like to look super dewy. I like to keep my Moisturising Moon Mask in the fridge, as what is better than a cold moisturising face mask to apply on a hot day? The inclusion of sweet almond oil and hyaluronic acid leave my skin feeling supple, moisturised and calm after leaving this mask on for 20 minutes a time.

Aside from skincare, I happen to also reach for their makeup every day. Stretch Concealer is the best concealer for under eyes, but only if you don't like heavy coverage. Concealer is one of my favourite products, but I hate heavy coverage and was searching for a light moisturising concealer, exactly what Stretch Concealer is. I've been using Medium throughout the summer months and will swap back to Light come Autumn. Boy Brow took over love for Gimme Brow, as it's a thicker more pomade consistency which doesn't flake. I think I'm on my third tube of this stuff and don't plan on changing. Haloscope in Quartz makes me feel like the sun is constantly shining on my face, since it constantly looks dewy throughout the day. I slather this all over my face in the morning and come evening, it's still there looking the perfect amount of dewiness. Special mention to Balm Dot Com in Original and Cherry, the two lip products which always swap bags with me and I cannot leave the house with.