A Ginger Boost

I recently became obsessed with the Pret Ginger Shots, but it's a little outrageous to pay £1 everyday for one, so I have been making my own ginger shot to take everyday. It's a known fact that ginger is the best thing to eat when you're wanting to fight against illnesses and somehow I have avoided having a cold all throughout the last winter. Whether that's down to this ginger shot, taking a selection of vitamins to help my immune system or I just didn't get one, I don't know but I'd like to think it's a good combination. 
For this shot, at the beginning of the week (usually a Sunday) I make a large batch of this and store it in a glass bottle and pour it out whenever I want some. This method makes around 1 litre of the juice which usually lasts me around five days!


3 Apples (I just use whatever apples I have in at the time)
5 inches of Ginger
Half of a Lemon
Half of a Lime


Juice it all! I put it all through my juice but you're also able to blend it, squeeze the juice out of the citrus fruits and drink it that way. 


Just make sure that whatever you store it in is airtight to ensure that the juice doesn't oxidise quicker than usual.