Notes on Beauty : April

This month I have been focusing on a 'less is more' mantra for makeup, although it is something I have always lived for. I'm all for a tinted moisturiser, brow gel, mascara and a swipe of highlighter as my everyday makeup look but I'm currently on a mission to find the best of the best. I am also in that awkward stage of growing out my brows where they look like they are in need of a trim but I know in a few weeks, they will be at the optimal bushiness. 

Olaplex Hair Perfector

Have you ever wondering how Kim K went from black hair to super white blonde and back again without killing her hair? Well, I have and when I found out that it was because of a treatment called Olaplex, I knew I needed to try this out for myself. I experienced the treatment at the Billi Currie salon on Chiltern St, although I didn't have it with a colour where you would see the best results. On a side note, the Billi Currie salon is certainly a hidden gem! I hadn't heard of it before going there and am so happy that I now know about it. Walking in it's nothing special compared to Hershesons and other salons I'm used to visiting, but the service is some of the best I'm come across. I spent the afternoon with Lauren, who applied the treatment & a toner on my hair to take away some brassy tones in my hair. Throughout the treatment, whilst enjoying my lemon & ginger tea, I kept asking Lauren about the treatment and what it will do for my hair. For me, my hair can become a little dry and damaged, even if I try to use the least amount of heat on it which in turn turns frizzy, as it's naturally very curly. The Olaplex treatment is an in-salon treatment which ultimately permanently rebuilds the damaged disulphide bonds, until it's damaged again by heat. It's a three step treatment with the first two applied in the salon and the third a bottle of product which is taken home and used every now.
Costing £50 in most salons, I would highly recommend this service, especially if you're having bleach/colour applied. Since having this treatment, I have noticed that my hair is  a lot less frizzy & smoother post blow-dry.


Kiko Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick in 38 Golden Taupe

I've been wanting to try out Kiko makeup for a while, but whenever I go into their Regent St store, I either have a drink in my hand (not allowed) or I get overwhelmed with how busy it is and leave. So when I was last in Covent Garden with a spare five minutes before my friend arrived, I took the chance to go into their newest store. Heading straight to their well known eyeshadow sticks, I knew what I was looking for after a quick text to my friend who knew their shades like the back of her hand. No.38 is a brown purple taupe with a gold glitter running through it and I absolutely love the shade! When I'm after a little subtle definition and don't have the time to faff on finding a brush to buff out eyeliner, I've been using this. A swipe of the stick along the top lash line and blended with my ring finger, I'm good to go. If a lot of product is applied, once it's buffed out it turns into a slightly red toned brown with the gold glitter still visible. Don't be put off by the glitter though, there's no fall out and it adds such a lovely shimmer. I will say that they are comparable to the By Terry version and also a new Burberry eyeshadow stick I have been using. As for their lasting power, it lasted on my lid for around 5 hours before I noticed some creasing, but I have since tried it with a primer which did the trick. For as little as £7, they're cheap enough to be able to pick up a few shades and not be too annoyed when you don't use them everyday.
I have my eye on the shades 07 Golden Beige and 25 Light Taupe as my next purchases from the store. 



Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream

I'm lazy when it comes to eye cream, it's a step I can afford to skip and not worry too much about. But lately my under-eye concealer has started to crease by midday so I knew that's when I needed to add it back into my routine. Clinique Pep-Start is a new launch which is perfect to use in the morning as it will awaken your eyes, due to coffee being one of the main ingredients. A plastic little ball as an applicator, by squeezing the tube, a little product comes out the top to be massaged under the eye using the applicator ball. I apply this post moisturiser, just before I apply my foundation and I often feel as though it smoothes the skin for the concealer so that it applies even better. The applicator is cool to touch, another reason why I love using it in the morning and it helps keep my eyes look less puffy. Altogether the applicator makes it super quick and easy to apply, meaning it's only an extra few seconds on my skincare routine. 



Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow

Usually used as a cream contour product, Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow is actually the perfect subtle cream eyeshadow. I originally bought this to attempt to contour, but that only worked out once and contouring takes too much time for me to bother. Since then, I have been using this with a Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush to gently buff it onto my eyelid. Alone it looks like a matte cool taupe shadow to add a little definition to the eyelid, but it can also be used a eyeshadow base for a shimmer eyeshadow on top. After 8+ hours of wear, there are often still no signs of creasing as once it's stuck on the skin, it's there till it's removed with a makeup remover. Described as a 'toffee' shade, I would say that matches it accurately however it is a lot more cool toned than that. If you are looking to use it a contour product, it's suited more for paler skin tones as it's such a cool toned product. Knowing how good the cream pigments are as eyeshadows, I also have my eye on the Delirium, a rose taupe and also Mould, a dark grape shade.