Autumnal Hair Transition

Most people I know always look to go a little darker with their hair come autumn/winter hits, whereas I am absolutely the opposite. I've learned the hard way over the years that dark hair doesn't suit me, so come the colder months and I've lost my summer tan, I'm usually heading to the hairdressers for brighter locks. Over the summer, my hair wasn't as blonde as it usually is so when I headed to The Chapel in Islington, I knew I wanted to go a lot blonder and I did just that!


Earlier in the autumn, I headed to The Chapel in Islington, a salon I have only heard rave reviews about, for a hair upgrade. I spent an evening after work with AJ, who both cut & coloured my hair, which is rare amongst all hairdressers I know. I showed him my usual Pinterest board, where I always head for ultimate blonde inspiration. I always, always stipulate that I want the blonde to look as natural as possible, but with impact, so that people could tell it was brighter & blonder. After an hour or so of having my hair wrapped in cotton wool, I had just that. I only had a little trim, as my ideal hair length sits just on my shoulder blades so I always use that as a guide. Overall, I walked away feeling the happiest I have felt about my hair in a long time, the combination of the colour & the perfect hair length is a good feeling. So I cannot thank the salon enough for that! I would highly recommend everyone to visit AJ too, as he will be able to cater his skills to exactly what you're after. Overall, the experience was lovely and a place I will recommend to all friends. 

The Chapel is a new salon to myself and I will definitely be heading back there come springtime when my colour needs a top up. When it comes to my cut, I am fairly loyal and usually head back to either two people, but it's hard to find a good salon for fullhead of highlights which doesn't bankrupt you in London. This is because at The Chapel they charge by time and once you've had the consultation with your stylist, you will be told a fixed estimation so that there is no surprise fee at the end of the appointment. I love this way of pricing, one of the many reasons why I will head back very soon. So to give you an idea of the price you may pay, AJ who I saw for my appointment is £80 an hour and my appointment took me around two hours in total.