Beauty Discoveries & Loves of 2016

I feel as thought 2016 was a good year for beauty, or maybe just for me finding products I cannot live without. I still don't have an established routine, however, I have a fair few products which I am committed to more than anything else in my life. Many are new discoveries for me and many are old loves which have been reignited this year.

For reference, I have dry/dehydrated skin which is a little combination & I do break out occasionally. I mostly use products which are suited for dry skin as I like to keep my skin hydrated af for that dewy look, but which are also suitable for sensitive skin.

DAVINES HAIRCAREMuch like the rest of the beauty industry, I am completely obsessed with Davines haircare. So much so, I haven't used many other brands except Davines this year. I am all for the Oi range as the shampoo & conditioner is perfect for my hair (let's not mention that I also use the body wash in this scent - it's that good). The scent is very particular and you either love it or hate it. If you're looking to try their products, I would recommend Your Hair Assistant Hair Definition Mist, OI Oil, OI Shampoo & ConditionerYou can read my full review here!

OLAPLEXHow many times have I raved about Olaplex over the past year? Many times! I have been using the Olaplex treatment for over a year now, as well as using Step 3 at home. Olaplex is a treatment which strengthens the hair and is best used when mixing in with hair colour/bleach. Since having my hair bleached quite often last year over at Blue Tit (highly recommend), I've noticed the difference in my hair before and after having it bleached without and without the Olaplex. 

AVEDA DAMAGE REMEDY DAILY HAIR REPAIRI've been using the Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair since the beginning of the year every time I wash my hair. I apply it onto damp hair before blow-drying my hair to add extra conditioner and to protect my hair from any further damage. I haven't stuck to using the same hair product on damp hair for this long ever before and I will certainly purchase a new bottle of this when I run out of it. 

TATA HARPERTata Harper was a new brand to me in 2016 and now it's firmly in my skincare routine. I have raved about the brand here in the blog post but I can report back now to say that I have continued to use all of their products. The Refreshing Cleanser is a cream skin cleanser which removes makeup and feels so soothing on the skin. The Resurfacing Mask is still one of the best masks I have ever used, it leaves an instantly brighter face whilst making the surface super smooth. The downside is the price tag, it's fairly hefty for how small the pot is so I'm waiting till I'm back in the US to pick it up & save a little. 

SARAH CHAPMAN ULTIMATE CLEANSE Believe the hype, it's worth it with this cleanser. If I need one cleanser to take away with you to do everything, I suggest this one. Over Christmas break, I was back up north for ten days and only took this one cleanser with me. It melts all makeup so quickly and leaves the skin feeling super soft. There's one negative though and that's that it seriously hurts my eyes. I try to remove my eye makeup before using this as if I use it to remove mascara, it makes my eyes sting for a while after. 

AVENE REDNESS RELIEF CLEANSING MILKI read about this cleanser on Into The Gloss as a recommendation for redness and believe me when I say, if you suffer from redness on the skin, you need this. It's super cheap, a huge bottle and all I've used in the morning for around 6 months now. I apply directly onto dry skin, massaging in before towelling off with a damp flannel. 

WELEDA SKIN FOOD Weleda is also a new brand to me this year. I had originally tried Skin Food years ago & hated it, I now love it, though. For those cold winter days, I love using this in the evening to add a thick layer of moisturise to my face. It's super thick & greasy, which means many people hate using it on their face, but if you have dry flakey skin, be sure to track it down. You can read my full review here

VICHY AQUALIA THERMAL SERUM I've never really bothered with Vichy products before, nothing has ever stood out for me, until this. I had read a few reviews about it but it wasn't until I was in a meeting that it was sold to me. Until now, I hadn't found a serum which worked well enough for me to use it every day. If you're looking for a deeply hydrating serum which works, this is it. 

LA ROCHE POSAY SEROZINCAgain, another product I didn't believe the hype about until mid last year, but it happened to save my hormonal skin at a crucial moment. Last year when changing my pill, my skin decided to freak out due to the change in hormones and broke out more than I've ever had before. Skip to me trying all products I could try and I managed to pinpoint it down to this product. I don't use it all the time, but when I do, I spray it onto the lower half of my face when I break out every night until the blemishes disappear. 

GLOSSIER MOISTURISING MOON MASKI've been a fan of Glossier since it launched, the whole aesthetic is my vibe and I knew anything which came from the brains of Emily Weiss was going to be good. When I got the chance to try the masks last year, I jumped onto it and I've been obsessed ever since. They've managed to make two masks (one moisturising & the other a clay mask) which are suitable for all skin types. It's the only clay mask I'm able to use when my skin is at it's most sensitive. The Moisturising Moon mask is a dream to apply and gives my skin the hydration it needs in the winter. 

MAC FACE & BODY FOUNDATIONThis is a love hate product, but last year I came back to it and fell in love with it all over again. It's a super lightweight foundation which can be built up to your achieved coverage, without feeling heavy, hence being able to use on your body too. When my skin is behaving well, I like to use a few drops of this with a damp beauty blender all over the face. Note - I would avoid it if you have oily skin as it's super dewy & if you often break out from products as I've heard of many people break out from it. 

RMS UN COVER-UP CONCEALER2016 was the year I discovered my all time favourite concealer by RMS. It's a light coverage concealer with a base of coconut oil, making it super hydrating on the skin. I had never been a huge fan of concealer until I found this product. If you're into medium-heavy coverage, you won't be into it but if you like your skin but better, this is for you.

DIOR LIP GLOWMy second most used lip product by far (the first being MAC Lipstick in Syrup) Dior Lip Glow as it's the only lip product I constantly carry around with me. If you like a moisturising pink tinted lip balm, you will love this. Yes, it's expensive for what it is, but it's lasted me for more than a year and it's only just coming to the end. I also have the peach shade which is divine for the summer. 

FRESH SUGAR TINTED LIP TREATMENTAnother lip product I fell head over heels for in 2016 was all the shades of the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Balms. I'm a huge fan of the Fresh Sugar range (the body scrub is divine) but the tinted lip balms are ideal for the everyday look when I don't want to look in the mirror when applying. My favourite shades are Honey, Petal and Rose

TOO FACED CHOCOLATE BAR EYESHADOW PALETTEI could have easily spoken about only Burberry Pale Barley eyeshadow as that is my all-time favourite, however, the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is by far my favourite of the year. Containing a mixture of matte & shimmer neutral tones, including the most beautiful wearable-pink, it's what I often travel with and reach for. The chocolate smell is also a perk. 

CHANEL SOLEIL TAN DE CHANELSurprisingly, I reached for Chanel's cream bronzer more throughout the colder months in 2016 as I don't like to go too overboard with the cream products in the summer. I find using it with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush picks up the right amount of product. The shade can lean a little orange on some skin tones, but for me, it's the same shade as I would naturally tan in the sun. 

BY TERRY BAUME DE ROSESay hello to the most expensive lip balm which is worth the hype. It's thick, moisturising, the perfect base for most lipsticks and adds a certain tint to the lips which I love. Some people hate it, but I reach for it at least a few times a day to moisturise my lips. I keep a large pot in my handbag at all times, as well as keeping mini tubs on my bedside & dressing table. 

MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA REPLICA LAZY SUNDAY MORNINGI stepped away from my usual Stella McCartney fragrance, which has been my signature scent for years now and started to wear this daily (not just on Sunday's). It's based on a summer morning in Florence and smells like fresh bed linen - all memories I am terribly fond of. 

What was your favourite beauty discovery of 2016?