The Perfect Peach Manicure

Let's excuse my child hands, but I have fallen in love with this shade from the Kylie Jenner Sinful Colour nail polish range. Pair it with the best top and base coat I've found, it's the perfect peach manicure.

I'm not one to follow Kylie Jenner on everything she does so I hadn't heard she had released a line of nail polishes with Sinful Colors. Having never even heard of the brand before, I went ahead to try the V.I.Peach shade. Not expecting too much or realising it was a shimmer matte shade (I hate matte nail polishes), I naturally used my favourite nail combo of the moment. 
I'm an avid wearer of gel/shellac nail polish as I can go to the salon for an hour and have my nails pretty perfectly painted for up to four weeks (sometimes I will leave it up to six weeks). In that aspect, I'm lucky my nails don't go super fast as it means my gel polish lasts a lot longer than usual due to minimal growth. But sometimes you want to use your everyday nail polishes, change your nail colour frequently but would like it to be as strong as gel? I've got the combo for you.

I always prep with my nails by washing and drying them my hands before applying a layer of the OPI Navy Envy underneath any base coat. It keeps my nails strong and they don't break as often when I'm using it, it's a product I have used for years now and will always use. I applied the Smith & Cult Basis of Everything Base Coat before going in and applying two to three layers of the Sinful Colors nail polish. I can't compare it to other shades, but I had to apply up to three layers of the polish to get an even covered layer of colour, however, that may be due to the light shade. After waiting a few minutes for the polish to dry slightly [something I find is key to making sure the manicure lasts that longer], I then go in with the Smith & Cult Above It All Top Coat

Although it may seem to be your average manicure combination, I found that V.I.Peach is the perfect light peach shimmering shade. It was light enough to make my hands look more tanned but not too orange to completely wash them out - hats off to Kylie Jenner for that one. Thankfully the base & top coat counteracted the matte finish as I didn't want that. As for the Smith & Cult Base and Top Coat, they are the real stars. Basis of Everything is one of the best base coats I've used in a while which really protects your nails from the nail colour and keeps the polish in place. Think of it as the 'grip' as part of the combo. Above It All is the real gem as I have used this in conjunction with another base coat and the staying power is still incredible. Dare I say it beats Seche Vite (shock, I know). It creates the same high shine as gel has, it makes the polish last for a solid week with no chips. The price may be off putting, but coming from someone where nail polish doesn't last very long on them, the top and base coat are completely worth it. Treat yourself next payday!