The Sunday Post: A Lazy Weekend

This weekend consisted of a lot of food and not doing much. By the end of last week, I was completely exhausted and didn't want to do anything. As my weekend is on a Friday and Saturday, because of my job, I always like to take it easy on Friday and then do something fun on the Saturday. It was payday so I treated myself to a huge food order (exciting, I know) which arrived last night and I've never had such full cupboards before. On Friday Kate (my flatmate) and I just lounged around, did a little shopping in the area and not a lot else. We made some yummy iced tea and then watched a movie in the evening. On Saturday we caught the bus to Borough Market as Kate had never been before and as I used to live next to it, I was more than happy to show her around. But there's more on that later in the week when I show you around it properly.

I've been having a love hate relationship with my blog lately. I want to put everything into it but I was a little lost so this past week I've been sat at my desk a lot more, writing more and taking a lot more photos. I'm going to be sharing my work space in a little while once I've perfected but in case you've ever wanted to see what it looks like and how the majority of my photos are now taken...

I'm sure you have seen these pop up every now and then but if you haven't tried them, The Bathory have some amazing bath salts. How it works is that you pick one base, I went with Soothe which contains oatmeal, honey and buttermilk as it will hydrate the skin. Before adding in essential oils, so I went with Bergamot, Eucalyptus and Sandalwood, a quite deep smell but something which I really love. All of them added up together created a very uplifting bath. It's £18 for 200g, which may seem steep but I think it's such a great idea for a gift. It's suggested to use the full tub for the best bath of your life but I couldn't bring myself to do that so I used around a third of it and it was plenty. The thing with these are that it's a very fine powder, not like the usual salts you're used to, which makes it that bit more interesting. They ship worldwide and no lie, they arrived within 24hrs, I was very impressed by that.

On top of that, who knew a new hairdryer would make such a big difference? Until this month I have been using a small GHD hairdryer which came with my straighteners, it was useful but didn't have the power I wanted. So the Toni & Guy hair dryer is a great professional compact AC styler, so the power as though you were in a salon but small enough to use at home. At such a low price of around £40, there's a variety of places you can purchase it from! Perfect gift, especially as Christmas is coming up soon.

What have you been up to this past week?

Luce x

The Sunday Post: A New Flat

I moved house this weekend! I don't think I have mentioned it on here but it all happened in the past few weeks. I'm now living in a cute little flat with my friend Kate and I couldn't be more excited about it. I love the area so much so you may see a few snippets here and there. So the past week has been spent packing my life up into boxes, at last I'm all settled and with a brand new desk (cue the excitement).

A few things you should all read this week are 6 Things I've Learned Since Becoming A Mom by Simone, an incredibly uplifting post about her life as a mom and her gorgeous son. This post by Laura has convinced me I need both Blankety lipstick and Tempting eyeshadow by MAC, she's such an enabler! My best friend Suzie welcomed a little puppy into her life and you can see Nala here in a little introductory post. I was straight on Skype as soon as I knew about her and I can confirm she is adorable, more will follow as soon as I meet her. 
Something you should most definitely watch is this little video, A Film For Ella, a new video by Jack Harries on Jacksgap. He flies to Australia to surprise his lady, Ella (who you should all follow on Instagram, think amazing food ideas) for her birthday and well, you will cry. The night it was uploaded there was many emotional girls on Twitter asking why their man hasn't done that, I was wondering the same thing! 

Now I'm counting down the days until I leave for Sicily on Friday. I'm thinking sun, sea, iced tea and alone time will be the perfect thing for me right now.

What have you enjoyed this week?

Luce x