Getting Moving Again

You might have remembered a while ago, I wrote a lazy girls guide to working out when I was starting to work out on a regular basis. I will openly admit that I have not kept up with a regular schedule, however, I do still go a few week times a week. Now I am all about making sure that exercise is part of my routine and different ways that I can keep it in there.

  1. What's my end goal? If you asked me this time last year, I would have been able to tell you the exact amount of pounds I wanted to lose. Now I no longer think like that (not all the time anyway) as I know it's unhealthy for my mental state. Although yes I would like to budge a few pounds, I want to get fit and generally feel good about myself. Yes, it is the most typical thing to say, but knowing that I do see a difference and feel different after a few weeks in the gym, that keeps me going.
  2. Fit the gym around my schedule! I'm lucky that during the week, I don't work a typical 9-5, so I do have time to go to the gym when it's a little quieter. Although I start later than most, I will never be something who exercises early in the morning, as I'm simply not a morning person. But if I know I'm washing my hair that evening, I will most likely choose to do a spin class (am I the only one who comes out uber sweaty?) or go for a long swim! If I have time during the day, I'll book a class such as pilates at lunchtime or I will go straight to the gym when I get home before the post-work rush.
  3. Look good, feel good! To me, I have to feel comfortable in what I'm wearing to the gym, which means I end up buying a lot of activewear. I can make the excuse that I wear yoga pants nearly every day anyway, but I just like to buy it to feel good! Nike and Lululemon are commonly known to be two of the best brands to go to for activewear, which I certainly agree with (Lululemon sports bras are the bomb!). Though not every budget can stretch to those, including to myself, so when I found out that the GapFit range was amazing, I was super happy as it's certainly a fraction of the price of many other brands. In fact, I've only really purchased items from the GapFit range in the past six months or so. Another place I look for activewear and swimwear is Beach Cafe! Not only do they stock Varley, a super cool activewear brand which has the most amazing leggings out there, but they also have loads of beachwear from swimsuits to coverups. It's also my go-to place to purchase Seafolly, an Australian designer! I've been wearing the Fast Lane Scuba Swimsuit from Seafolly these past few months, which pinches me in at the right places and stays put when I'm doing laps of the pool. 
  4. Good mood food! I'm someone that if I tell myself I'm on a diet, I will 100% crave pizza that evening and will consequently order it that same evening. So like everyone says, it really is about balance and not getting yourself down for eating something which isn't a salad. Ensuring I have food in my flat at all times is a pain, but if I don't have anything in, that's when I end up going to Waitrose on the way back from the gym and end up eating something not so good. 80% of the time when I'm cooking for myself, I will eat either vegetarian or I will eat fish. I usually order meat when I'm eating out, so I always tend to eat less meat during the week or none at all. But all of this makes me happy. I sometimes even crave a salad - who am I?! 

As I publish this, I'm off to a boxing class which I have started to thoroughly enjoy! Until next time, what is your favourite way of staying motivated at the gym?