My Little Corner of the Internet


Hi, hello, hey - I haven't been around here much recently, but I haven't forgotten about you completely. 

I can go quite a few days without thinking about my blog, but then something reminds me of it and I often find myself feeling guilty about not posting on here as much. My blog has never been a main focus of mine, as it's never been something I wanted to push into a full-time job. In fact, every time I put more into it, I fall out of love with it. Some people want to do that and many people are doing that as their full-time thing, which I completely respect, especially as it's an area I work in. But for me, my blog has always been there for when I want to rant or simply talk about a beautiful lipstick. It's helped me get to where I am in my career, it's created friendships I cannot live without and has affected so many aspects of my life. My love for online content is never going to go away, which is one of the main reasons why I love working in the industry. But this doesn't stop me feeling guilty for not dedicating time for my little corner of the internet. So if you've stuck with me, thank you. 

Ah 2017, it's been a crazy but fun year so far with a lot of travel and January hasn't even ended yet! My weekends have been spent connecting with all my loved ones I didn't see much over the Christmas break. My best friend and I are booking flights for a trip to Italy in September which, although is a long time away, I cannot wait for. Alongside all of this, there will be many other exciting things & trips happening. 

I can assure you, my darling readers, that there will be content, but bare with me. This little corner of the internet is more of an online diary for me, a place for me to share whatever the hell I want to. If you do want to follow my daily life, make sure you're following me on Instagram @bonjourluce as that is one place I update on a regular basis.