Natural Beauty : Davines Haircare

As someone who reads various beauty websites on a daily basis, I pick up on different brands which people use continuously and Davines was one of them. I hadn't heard too much about it, so I investigated and it's safe to say, I am obsessed. 

Why is the brand so good?

First of all, it's a 100% natural brand and the majority of their products are also vegan (the products containing keratin etc can be found on their website). They are keen to push for sustainable beauty, which is something I have been exploring more and more in the past few months. On top of all of that, 1% of any product profit is donated by Davines to environmental charities and although 1% doesn't sound like a lot, Davines has become a hugely popular brand in the past few years. 
I will note that I haven't used a haircare brand this consistently since I first started to use Bumble & Bumble Coco range - I have been using only Davines products for a few months now!

But which products do I use?

I can only speak from personal experience so I can only share my own thoughts, but after trying a fair amount of their products, I can certainly say that I am converted to the brand. 
Alchemic Shampoo Silver and Alchemic Conditioner Silver : Their natural alternative for a purple shampoo and conditioner. I used this range when I first went blonde, every other wash to ensure that any brassiness was kept at bay. For the first month after becoming blonde it kept any brassiness at bay, however once the toner actually was washed out, it didn't take away the bulk of the brassiness. I would suggest using this if you simply want to brighten the blonde and to make it a little whiter if you wish. I will note that both of these products are not vegan as one of the main active ingredients is milk proteins. 
Hair Assistant Prep Shampoo, Prep Mild Cream and Definition Mist : Now these are the products which made me become obsessed with the brand. The Prep Shampoo is sulfate and paraben free, as well as being a hydrating and nourishing shampoo. Perfect for those days when you need to wash your hair, but it doesn't need a deep clean. A simple well-made shampoo! At first, I thought the Prep Mild Cream was a leave in conditioner but it is a wash-out conditioner. The Mild Cream is perfect for those with fine to medium hair (there's a richer version for those with thick hair) and is also perfect for those who don't like their hair weighed down with conditioner. The Definition Mist is the star in my eyes. I hate having freshly washed hair but I also don't want to put a load of texturising spray in it straight away - this is where the Definition Mist comes in! A finished spray creating a 'day after' look to the hair as it creates a natural strand separation. Spray to enhance the shine in your hair but also to make your blow-dry last a little longer, as well as creating the perfect 'one-day hair'. One of my favourite things about the range is that they are Zero Impact Products and Davines helps develop the vegetation required to restore oxygen that is extracted from the environment. 
MINU Shampoo and MINU Conditioner : Another range I have been using when I travel to protect my coloured hair. An illuminating protecting shampoo and conditioner which will gently cleanse the hair and keep the hair shinier for longer. The travel size bottles are perfect for hand luggage and I was able to get around four washes from the bottles without overusing the products. Also another line which are Zero Impact products!
OI Shampoo, OI Conditioner and OI All In One Milk : I've been saving the best range to last because it is seriously the bomb!! If a shampoo and conditioner can make me this happy, then I know it's a winner. A sulphate and paraben free shampoo, which leaves my hair feels hydrated without the masses of foam which sulphates can create. Although I love the shampoo too, the conditioner is the main winner here and I've also tried it with other shampoos. Giving my hair body whilst leaving it super soft and shiny - it ticks all the boxes for me. Post wash, I have been using the All In One Milk, a leave in conditioner which is also a heat protector too. I can't pinpoint the smell of the products, but my hair still smells of it for a day or so after washing my hair and I absolutely love it. There is also an OI Hand Balm in the range, which I have been applying every night and again I love. Now I just need the OI Body Wash to complete the collection. 


Would I recommend the brand?

Heck yes! I'm taking a little more notice of what I am using and how it's affecting the environment but I always assumed that there wouldn't be a natural haircare brand which could be competition to other brands. So I was pleasantly surprised that a natural brand could completely change my mind on the matter and that I would completely switch to using it. 

Available in select salons which can be found hereCult Beauty, Liberty, Luxurious Look and Blow Ltd!