Natural Beauty : RMS Beauty

A second instalment of the natural beauty series, this time talking about one of my favourite makeup brands - RMS Beauty!

So, tell me about the brand!

RMS has been created by Rose-Marie Swift, a hugely popular makeup artist who was simply sick of being unable to find a good quality green beauty brand. Because of her knowledge of makeup, she had the best understanding of the industry and knew what she wanted to achieve from the brand. Although it's not a certified organic/natural brand, which you can learn more about here (I learnt a few things about the regulations to certify it), Swift does ensure that they are organic, just no label attached to it. All products are cruelty-free, contain non-GM ingredients & all ingredients have been farmed organically (which creates the higher price tag).
Something I find interesting about the brand is the fact that all ingredients include no essential oils, unlike many other brands. This is because the brand believes that essential oils should only be used for therapeutic purposes, but also because essential oils have been known to create rashes and to be hard for sensitive skin. All products are created with a base of coconut oil, which is why it's suggested to use with your fingers as coconut oil warms up at the touch of heat. The products are formulated with raw, food grade and organic ingredients which are in their natural state. All of their vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and healing properties are still intact due to being in the rawest form, which means it's amazing for anti-ageing (or simply, ageing beautifully). As the products have been created with a well-known makeup artist, they have been created to be fun to use. They can be mixed together, to create very personalized colours and are really a beautiful product to use.  

But which products do I use?

Having only used a handful of the makeup products (I literally want all of the products), I have been thoroughly impressed with them.
Living LuminizerThis is the first product I tried from RMS, as I purchased it well over a year ago. It has been much loved and has an even bigger dent in it than can be seen above. Living Luminizer is simply the most beautiful highlighter out there, a product I have used nearly every day since purchasing. No shimmer or glitter in sight here, it creates a natural sheen on your skin with a satin-pearl finish. Completely translucent, it melts into your skin leaving you looking like you're lit from within. It's their best selling product, which is why it's often sold out.
Master MixerA newer product for me, it took me a while to get used to but now I love it. On a recent weekend away, all I took was this, RMS concealer and a mascara as it is such a multi-purpose product. It adds a beautiful luminous rose gold glow to the skin, alike to a supermodel on the VS runway (or I like to imagine when I'm wearing it). Wear Master Mixer alone on the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, brow-bone, eye-lids or wear it together with Living Luminizer. I personally love to use Living Luminizer before dabbing a little of this on top to add a warmer hue to the sheen. For when I took this product alone with me away, I used it all along my cheekbones, up on my temples and above my brows to add a glow with caught the sun perfectly. 
"Un" Cover Up Concealer : As much as I love Living Luminizer, Un Cover Up Concealer  is such a star product. It's the concealer I have always wanted and since I first got my hands on it, I have not used any others since. That was around two months ago. I use the shade 11, which is a little too light for me (I am ordering the shade 22 from Cult Beauty asap!), however when I don't have a tan, it's the best. 11 is described as a pale shade with a subtle yellow base, which is correct for my skin tone. 22 is the next shade up, which is also the best seller, as it's perfect for light-medium skin tones. Don't worry if you have super pale skin, as there are shades for you too. It's a lightweight hydrating concealer which melts into the skin with the touch of warm fingers. It creates an absolute youthful radiant look to the skin and there have been days when I have used this product alone as my base. If you're after a medium-heavy coverage concealer, this isn't for you but if you're after something which covers redness and blemishes whilst allowing your natural skin to shine through, you will love it. 
Lip2Cheek in DiaboliqueI was wary of the colour products at first, as I wasn't sure how high pigmented the colours could be but it certainly proved me wrong. Lip2Cheek in Diabolique is a formula which has both hydration and abundance of colour in mind, as this one certainly packs a punch. I don't wear blush so I'm unable to comment on wearing it as a blush, but I do love using it as a stain. I carry it around with me in case I fancy adding a dark stain to my lips by quickly using my fingers. One layer is a subtle berry hint, however, it can also be layered to pack a punch. Think 'red wine lips in a pot' - that's the best way to describe it. 
Lip Shine in HonestAnother product I have been carrying around (let it be known that all products have been in my makeup bag most days lately), Lip Shine in Honest is a perfect nude dusty pink which is beautiful worn with a bare face but a little mascara. I don't know about the darker shades, but this adds such a beautiful hint of colour but packs plenty of shine on there too. Shine, but also lots of hydration! Containing plenty of fatty acids, vitamin A and C, it also has incredible antioxidant properties! 
Special mention to The Ultimate Make Up Remover WipesHaving only tried these a few times after stealing a few from a friend, these are a must if you're into wipes. These wipes are doing good for your skin! A 100% eco-friendly wipe is infused with 100% certified organic coconut oil and that is it. Warm the wipe up in between your hands still in it's wrapper for 20 seconds before removing & using to dissolve makeup and dirt. Perfect for flights or travelling, it's the best wipes you're going to find. Go on, splurge on them

Do you recommend the brand?

Yes, yes, yes! If you're starting out, pick up the Un Cover Up Concealer and Living Luminizer as I think they're the best products to try out first. All products range from £25-£30 so they aren't cheap, but I can promise you they are worth the money. Next up on my list is an eyeshadow, a darker colour in the concealer & bronzer!

All products mentioned can be found on Cult Beauty and while you're at it, check out their other brands as there are so many great ones on the site!