The Review: Illuminating Primer

 Face Primer Plus - Estee Lauder
Excuse the iPhone quality image, I can't find my camera charger and this seemed like the next best thing!

Answer this one question, do you use a face primer? If you asked me that question 2 weeks ago, the answer would have been no. I use eyeshadow primer, but face primer is one thing I've never thought much about. That was until I received this primer in a goodie bag and it has changed everything. You're unable to buy this particular product as they have revamped their whole collection, but you're able to buy an Illuminating Perfecting Primer, which is basically the same thing.
I've went through a few foundations thinking that they're going to be 'The One', but unfortunately, none of them have turned out to be that. I'm currently using Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation and I really like it, but there's still something missing. I always found that by the end of the day, the foundation has disappeared from my cheeks and it almost looks flaky (how gross is that word). This is where the primer comes in. I've tested this product throughout a day at uni (including a little nap in a lecture) and full days at work and I can say that I am never going to look back after trying this. My foundation stayed in place and looked exactly the same as it did at the beginning, at the end of the day. Exactly what I've wanted all this time!
I'm a girl who loves a dewy face all year round and this primer disappears to leave a pearl-based veil on your face.
I've been converted to primers and I will never look back.
So let's answer my initial question, do you use a face primer?

Luce x