The Budget Buy: Simple or Origins?

Let me just start by saying, when it comes to skincare, I know nothing. All of my knowledge about skincare has came from my sister and reading other peoples blogs. It's only recently that I've been getting into a proper skincare routine and these two are a certain products I couldn't be without. I'll just add that my skin is dry, particularly in the winter and quite dehydrated.
You know when you have those days when you feel like your skin has been battered by the wind and needs something a bit more than your usual moisturiser? This is where these come in. I've been using the Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask for about a year now and I just stuck with it because I couldn't be bothered to look for another product to replace it. It's described as a 'regular detox which is essential to remove dead cells' on the bottle and you're recommended to use it once a week for dry skin. You're meant to only leave it on for 3 minutes and then wash it off, but I would leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning. It did it's job and for the few pounds it was, it's worth the money.
Now let me introduce you to Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. My sister gave me this because she bought it but her skin reacted badly to it, so it was passed over to me. Since I got this a few weeks ago, I've used it once or twice a week and I won't look back. It re-hydrates my skin and I have never woke up with any dryness. It's much thicker than the Simple mask, you can actually feel it on your skin but by the morning, it's completely sunk in.
So if I was to recommend one to you, the winner would definitely be the Origins mask.
Do you use any overnight masks in the winter, or maybe even all year round?

Luce x