The Make-Up: The Red Lip

After much deliberation and since it's coming up to Christmas, I decided that I needed to add a red lipstick to my collection (which may I add is growing quite rapidly at the moment). Only since the seasons have changed have I become a lot more daring with my lipsticks, rather than sticking with a simple soft pink or a nude. After seeing how popular the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte collection turned out to be, I knew that shade 107 was the one for me! 

My first thought of this was that since it was a matte formula, it was going to gather at any dry parts of my lips straight away but I was totally wrong! Although I did exfoliate and moisturise my lips beforehand, the texture was so creamy and sat on my lips perfectly. I only bought it yesterday and as I knew I was heading out to the pub that night, I decided to put it to the test of how long it would actually last! During the 6 hours I was out of my flat, I only had to reapply the lipstick once! I was thoroughly surprised with this as I thought it was completely disappear from my lips after all of the talking and drinkings, but nope, it was still there throughout it all. One thing which I will add is that, apply with a lip brush! I applied straight from the bullet and didn't expect it to be that hard, but how I was wrong. I realised that I didn't actually own a lip brush so that's next on my shopping list. Also, a lip liner would go perfect with this look too!
Since I have stepped outside of my comfort zone, I've got the feeling that quite a few more lipsticks will be added to my collection, in particular is a certain berry shade by Tom Ford (luxury, I know).
What is your favourite autumn/winter lipstick?

Luce x