The Review: Bubblegum Lip Scrub

For the lip lovers, here's a little treatment for you. For those horrible days when your lips are dry but you really want to wear lipstick, there is where this little masterpiece comes in handy. I bought it back in the summer and all my friend could say was "you're paying money for a little pot of sugar", ah boys, they just don't understand. For how long it will last and what great results you receive after using it, it's worth it. I'm glad I bought it that one rainy summer day.
I use this most nights, when I know I'm planning on wearing lipstick the next day. Just before I wash my face, I get a little bit on my finger and rub it onto my lips. You can then lick the excess away (it's rather yummy, just ignore that it's dead skin you're licking) and there you go, soft smooth lipstick ready lips.
They also make it in various different flavours, but for the people with a sweet tooth, this is for you.

Have you tried any lip scrubs before?

Luce x