The Nails: Christmas with Angora Cardi

Merry Christmas, my fellow bloggers! I hope you've had a good time whatever you may have been doing. I've seen plenty of lovely tweets and picture on Instagram to know that a lot of you have had a lovely day.

 One of the little presents I got were my first Essie nail polishes, Angora Cardi and Mint Candy Apple. The night before I had painted my nails a deep red shade with gold glitter on (the day after I regretted this as it was so hard trying to get it off), so before lunch, I took it all off and painted my nails with Angora Cardi. It's a lovely dusty rose colour with brown and purple undertones. I also used the Body Shop Almond Nail and Cuticle oil before painting my nails, I asked for this for Christmas as my nails have been in terrible condition and my cuticles have been slightly dry lately.
I'm definitely converted to Essie nail polishes, their colour selection is amazing and I don't know why it's taken me this long to get one. I'm currently eyeing up Leading Lady and Sole Mate as my next purchases, however Revlon Vixen looks like a lovely deep plum exactly like Sole Mate.

Have you had a good christmas? Will there be a Christmas haul coming up on your blogs soon or not? 

Luce x