The Hair Post: It's a 10

Some of you may or may have heard of this product, It's a 10, as it's only available in the US as I can see. But my friend, Megan, text me one morning that it was in some TX Maxx stores, so I jumped out of bed and walked to my nearest store! Turns out that there was only two left in stock so I snatched them up straight away.
It's basically a leave in conditioner which you apply to towel dried hair before you style it. As it says in the same, it does 10 things and from what I see, it definitely does those 10 things. It's meant to repair damaged hair, adds shine, detangles, controls frizz, seals & protects hair colour, prevents split ends, stops hair breakage, creates silkiness, enhances natural body and a heat protector. I know what you're thinking, "no, it can't surely do all of those things", but I'll let you know what differences I've seen in my hair. My hair is usually quite frizzy after it's dried and straightened, that is long gone now, it feels so soft and it's shiny now. As for the split ends, I haven't seen a difference but I think that's because I need a hair cut soon. My favourite part of it is that it's a heat protector so that I don't have to use yet another product on my hair.
So there's something for you to do tomorrow if you have nothing to do, head over to your nearest TX Maxx and have a rumage around, they have some goodies in there at the moment, including Jemma Kidd products!

Have you ever used this before?

Luce x