The Review: Clinique Moisture Surge

Winter has come and my skin has decided to turn even drier than usual and very dehydrated. I had just ran out of the moisturiser I was using at the time and I felt like I needed something a bit more. So this is where Clinique Moisture Surge comes in. I'd never really spent a lot of money on moisturiser before hand but this time, I felt like I had to for my skin. Thank god I did because this thing has changed my skin completely, for the good!
I had always stayed clear of gel-like formulas because I'm scared of having oily skin and I don't want to ruin my skin. But this is exactly how it's described, 'gel-creme', it's basically a light gel what turns into a creme when massaged into your skin. It's meant for dehydrated skin and when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels soft and as though it's had a giant drink of water throughout the night. I use it on a night time after I've cleansed my face and on a morning before I apply my make up. It's brilliant for both uses but I mainly bought it for a night cream, as I'm searching for a light weight version of this cream now.
There's two big differences what I've noticed since I've started to use this. Obviously my skin feels a lot softer, but mainly at the bottom of my cheeks near my jaw line, I used to get quite bumpy skin, not badly but I didn't like it, but this has got rid of it completely. Secondly, I used to get quite dry skin particularly around my nose, so what I do with this is massage it all over my skin, but then add a little extra around my nose just to get rid of that dry skin. Yet again, this cream has got rid of that and no other creams has done that, so I'm definitely impressed.

Is there a product what has completely changed your skin?

Luce x