The Review: Origins Christmas Baubles

Origins Christmas Baubles - 4 for £18

So it's just over a week till Christmas and I've finally finished buying presents, so I decided to buy myself a Christmas present, which is why I picked up these! Of course, I am giving two of them to my sister and mum (even though my sister will be reading this and will now know!) but there's three products in there I wanted to try out before actually buying the full size. Plus, if you add the price of all the sample sizes up, it comes to £33, so in my own mind, I would justify it.

I'd read about the baubles before but I thought you only had to buy them in singles, which is what I set out to do first, but by this time, Selfridges had sold out and only had one box of 4 baubles left. I wasn't fully convinced and the woman on the counter talked me through the products individually and by the end, I was convinced.

They also offer a box of Origins Christmas Crackers and they have plenty of those in stock. So if you're stuck on what to buy for someone who is into their skin care, or if you're just wanting to try some of them out for yourself, hunt them down online or in Selfridges and have a splurge! I can assure you, it's worth it. Reviews of the products will follow in time.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping or are you stuck on what to buy for family members?

Luce x