The Review: Origins Spot Remover

Let me just start off by saying when it comes to spots or anything like that, I'm not the person to ask, however I do have a few tips. I'm lucky enough to have never suffered from spots, I've always had reasonably good skin, however I do get the occasional one. Up until now I would just just a Body Shop spot remover liquid, I thought it was okay, but that was before I bought Origins Spot Remover. I've read loads of reviews of it and it genuinely seemed to work so I thought why not, I may as well try it out. Oh, how glad I am that I did buy it.

It's an anti-blemish treatment gel what you can just squeeze onto your ring finger (is that gross or am I meant to using it on a cotton pad) and dab it onto it. What I usually do is that I feel all of my face before bed to see if I figure out if there is a spot brewing and pop a little bit on there if I feel anything. The only time I usually get spots ('spots' being one or two for me, sorry guys!) is when I'm stressed with deadlines or something along those lines, so when that time comes, I will step up my skincare routine. 

But about this product, it will dry up the spot  by the next morning if you use it on night, maybe not if it's a whopping massive spot but it does work and it will actually get rid of any blemishes. I also found that it reduces redness dramatically. I woke up the other morning with a little red patch near my nose so before I did my morning skincare routine whilst I was making breakfast, I put a little bit on there and it rapidly reduced the redness!

My tip for keeping clear skin is that if you're quite young like me, less is more. I only use a few products on my skin and it's the best for me, because if I use more products then they can become quite harsh for my skin.

What's your top tip for keeping your skin clear?

Luce x