The Make-Up: Topshop Lip Liners

Lip liners are something I've only just started to bother with. Until now, I thought that putting lipstick on was enough effort, never mind having to line my lips with these. However, since using these, I've seen such a difference. The lipsticks what used to bleed, no longer do, plus they last ten times as longer. 

The two colours I have are Deception, a deep plum and Wheels on Fire, a true red. I'm able to wear these with most of my lipsticks as a lot of them are quite dark for the season. I wore Deception on a night out with a lip stain over the top and it lasted all night, by what I mean is that when I woke up the next morning, it was still there in tact (gross I know, but taking my make up off at 3am didn't seem the best idea at the time). It made the lip stain a lot darker but I liked that, it was more bold. Wheels on Fire is a true red what will go with most red lipsticks, I tried it with a red lipstick with a hint of coral and it worked with that one too. For the price, I think they're so worth it and I'm thinking about buying the other two colours.

Have you ever tried Topshop make up before?

Luce x