The Budget Buy: Take A Trip To Boots

Muslim Cloths - 99p from Home Bargains

Since I always seem to post about high-end products, I thought I'd let you know that some of the products that I use are actually high-street products. If I find a good product from Boots or Superdrug, I will always usually stick to it unless, I run out and I really want to try a certain high-end product. A few of these products, I've been using for months now, one of them even about a year!

Let's start with the MUA clear mascara which I use for my brow gel. It's not brilliant, I'm not going to rave about the product, but for £1, it does its job and I'm happy with that.
The 17 Peep Show mascara, well I don't use it any more since I got the L'Oreal Telescopic mascara, but for the few months I did use it, I enjoyed it. It did dry out very quickly, maybe after two months or so, but it has tiny little lash extensions inside what brush onto your lashes which gives them that little extra length. 
Vaseline Rosy Lips, need I explain myself? I've had this for about a year now and it's no where near finished, they last forever and this hydrates and gives a little tint for those days I'm not wearing much make up. 
Garnier Soft Essentials Cleansing Lotion for dry skin, well this is the product I've used for a year now. It's so soft and moisturising, I use this after using Bioderma to take my eye make up, this removes all of my face make up too. Of course, I still cleanse afterwards but to get rid of the thick of it, this does the job. 
Nivea Hand Cream, this is the cream I carry around in my handbag (I even have one for a night out and in my pencil case). It's thick but not too thick, it's smooth and doesn't leave your hands feeling greasy as I find a lot of hand creams do that. I'm a big fan of hand cream, I love applying it throughout the day. I'm currently eyeing up Soap & Glory's Hand Food as I've never used that before so I might pop to Boots for that (and use all of my mum's points up buying it). 
The best budget buy is the muslim cloths at the back. Since I've started to use muslim cloths to wash my face with, I've used these. I've tried others but they're exactly the same and for 99p, how can you go wrong with these? You can buy them from Home Bargains, unfortunately I've never seen that shop in London so while I'm home, I'm heading there to stock up on them.

What's your best budget buy? I'm always on the hunt to find good high-street products!

Luce x