The Daily Make-Up #3

Benefit Birthday Suit - £14 (but they're on sale for £7 atm)

In a moment of crisis, I bought these two products together. Initially I bought Wedge for my eyebrows, but then I realised it's a bit too ashy and stopped using it. I bought the cream shadow from Benefit, well, there is no reason for it except I just wanted it. But now, I use them together to create an everyday smokey eye what I wear to work quite a lot.

Birthday Suit by Benefit is a cream shadow what does not budge all day long, plus it doesn't crease. I normally have to use a primer with shadows, as my eyelids are quite oily which is the opposite to the rest of my face, but with this, I don't as it acts as a primer itself. You're able to build the colour quite a lot, I have only applied a small layer here, which I apply with my ring finger. I then take a little bit of Wedge on a 217 and blend it on the outer corner, blending it inwards. I then take whatever is left on the brush and blend the edge of the cream shadow. I also took a little bit of a brown Urban Decay 24 pencil liner on my lower lash line. I've gone off wearing mascara on my bottom lashes so this gives them a little bit of definition. 

What do you wear for your every day make up?

Luce x