The Outfit: It's a 'Wednesday Addams' Wednesday

Black turtle neck from H&M - £7.99
Black faux leather skirt from H&M - £19.99
Gold chain from H&M - £7.99
Revlon Vixen on  my nails - £5

Great news, I now have a working tripod and a place to shoot, if you can excuse the vile carpet I have in my halls. On Friday, I have an interview for something very exciting and I needed to go with the 'smart' approach for my outfit. I put this outfit together last week and knew straight away that I wanted to wear this, I just had to find shoes at the time to go with. I do wear a lot of black clothing, normally just jeans but this is a whole new level for me, hence the title. 

I've been wanting a black turtle neck for a while now as I think they look so warm, especially for the snow what is fast approaching. Put together with a black faux leather skirt, it was screaming for me to buy it. So of course I did. I'd sort of always looked at faux leather skirts but never thought much of them as they never really suited my body shape, that was until I found this piece. The gold chain was a little add on last minute as I have a thin chain what I could have worn but I think this adds a little bit more. For the shoes, I've been wanting a pair of good quality black brogues for a while as they're a staple item. I think these with the buckle over the laces makes them a little more on trend rather than your classic lace ups.

What do you think of it? Good enough to make an impression in my interview?

Luce x