The Make-Up: Lush Liquid Lipstick

When this little pot of red dropped in my postbox over Christmas, I looked at it and immediately thought it was a nail polish just by glancing at it. But after opening it up and swatching it, I knew that this was going to be one bold red lip. This is the first liquid lipstick I own and after testing this one, I'm definitely wanting to try out more. 

First thing I noticed was how bright it is, it's definitely a true red, the colour reminds me of MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. I didn't like the applicator so I just got the colour off the end with a lip brush and applied it like that. You really do need to use a lip brush for this as once it's dried, it's for a while so make sure to do it correctly first time round. I even drew one side of my lip higher than the other by accident and couldn't change it as I would have to start all over again (I'm just lazy). Once it's dried, it dries matte and it won't budge for a long time. I got through a massive Italian meal whilst wearing this and I didn't have to touch up at all at the end! At the end of the day it took me about 2 cotton pads soaked in Bioderma and then to use a cleanser to get it off properly. That just shows how hard wearing this stuff is.

So liquid lipsticks from Lush, they have my full attention, as well as being natural, they're that good. I'm heading over there soon to check out the other colours!

Have you ever tried a liquid lipstick before?

Luce x