The Nails: New Year, New Nails

Happy New Year, my lovely readers! I hope you had a good night whatever you were doing. Following on from what I posted yesterday, I decided to show you what I was wearing on my nails for that night. These aren't my polishes though, I stole them both from my mum for the night.

On my finger nails, I took off Angora Cardi and replaced it with Illamasqua Baptiste which is a lovely dark purple with very small pink glitter particles. I think for a night where you're heading out, it's such a good colour. I always do prefer dark nails most of the time anyway.
On my toenails, I always keep it dark. This time with OPI Every Month Is Oktoberfest, a dark red what looks quite purple in the light at times too. Although my feet will be toasty in my boots, it still feels better knowing they painted too.

What's your favourite nail polish for the evening?

Luce x