The Skincare Post: Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins

High-Potency Night-A--Mins, a mineral-enriched renewal cream, a night cream with a very long name. This is the latest cream which has been added to my nightly routine and oh wow, I am glad I bought this little pot of goodness.

 I blogged in December about another Origins night cream I was using at the time but I soon realised I needed something a lot thicker to slap on before bed. So as part of my nightly routine, I actually use both of them, which could be classed as unnecessary but at least I wake up with no dry patches on skin in sight in the morning. So straight after I've cleansed my face, I will pop the Origins Make A Difference Night cream on, but only a little bit on my t-zone (thats my driest part of my face strangely enough). Then right before I jump into bed to settle down, I will put this on all over my face and let it work it's magic over night. Night-A-Mins is especially good for this cold weather as it's making my skin feel extra dehydrated and this leaves a thick layer of moisture on the skin. For summer months, I think I will swap back to using just the Make A Difference night cream, but for now, here's my pick. For the girls with sensitive skin who react to fragranced creams, this one is fragranced but it smells of oranges and is quite refreshing, plus I haven't read anywhere that people have reacted with it so it might be a go ahead for you. For the girls with oily skin, don't worry, they also have an oil free version of Night-A-Mins so you can enjoy it too.

What's your favourite night cream?

Luce x