The Outfit: Oxford Wannabe

Oxford University Jumper
Chelsea Boots

Anyone who is in England at the moment will understand how bad the snow is, which is why this outfit fitted my day perfectly yesterday. I was heading over to Brick Lane to meet my sister for the afternoon and it hadn't stopped snowing all morning. Of course I was wearing my winter coat, hat & gloves but this was the basis of the outfit and for a casual day it's one of my favourites. You will have to excuse the half curly hair, that's what the winter weather does to girls who don't have naturally straight hair. Oh, and this shows that I don't wear lots of make up everyday, here I'm only wearing Origins VitaZing tinted moisturiser, mascara and a little MAC wedge through my brows!

At the time of putting these boots on, I thought 'great, these boots will be perfect for the snow'. Oh how wrong I was. Yes, they may be the warmest boots I own but they have no grip on the bottom what so ever which meant at one point during the day I landed on my bum in the snow, how embarrassing.
This is the type of outfit I wear to university most days, if I'm heading into central afterwards I might put something a little better on, but for the days when I'm going to be sat in a lecture hall half asleep, I may as well be comfy! Leigh jeans from Topshop are my favourite, they're so comfy and stretchy, which means that you should always downsize in them, you just have to deal with them being not very comfortable for the first few weeks.

What have you been wearing during these cold snowy days?

Luce x