The Review: Real Techniques Brushes

I know that every man and his dog has reviewed these brushes, but I'd just like to express my love for them and if you don't own them, then hopefully I will convince you that you jolly well need these.

The first Real Techniques brush I got was the stippling brush (which I made my mum drive around different Boots store to find, oops) and I now use that most days to apply my foundation as it's so quick and easy and it leaves a sheer/light coverage, which is what I prefer. It's a god send. For the days I want a heavier coverage, I use the Sephora Foundation Buffing Brush. I then bought myself the blush brush, which I've left in London at the moment, which I use for bronzer as I don't wear blush at all (strange, I know). For Christmas I asked for the Core Collection and my mum also got me the Setting Brush - She wanted to spend a certain amount of money to get triple points in Boots, typical. I didn't think anything of that brush as the Contour Brush in the Core Collection is pretty much the same. How I was wrong! I will now use it as a 'setting brush', I rarely use powder but when I do, I will use it around my nose and under my eyes and it's the perfect size to fit in those areas.

So, have I convinced you or were you convinced months ago? What's your favourite make up brush?

Luce x