The Skincare Post: REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask

When I got back to London after Christmas, this was waiting for me in my post box, along with a few other miniatures, unsure as to where they had come from, I decided to try them anyway. I knew by looking at it straight away, their green packaging means it's for combination skin, which is not my skin type at all. With my skin, I don't get any of the usual stuff other people do, so the less I do to it, the better it behaves.

I have dry/dehydrated/normal skin, not oily at all (except on my eyelids which is very strange), so I wasn't expecting something great from this. However, it is my first ever REN product I've tried. One night I slapped it onto my t-zone hoping it would unclog my invisible pores. I left it on until it had dried and it would come off by touching it, then splashed warm water over my face. Surprisingly, I had saw a difference. I only ever get tiny little black heads and the few I did have, were gone. The bad bit? After about 10 minutes after washing it off, my skin was so dry. Hydration and moisture is what I need.

Would I purchase this product again? Nope, but I am looking into their hydration range which looks right up my street. Will I use this product again after testing it? Probably not, this will be given to my sister along with the other two products. For combination skin people and who have an oily t-zone, this one is for you. I shall report back when my sister gives me her opinion.

Have you tried any REN products before?

Luce x