The Sunday Post: A Girl Can Dream

Sunday top picks, I think this new post is going to take over my ridiculously boring 'wishlist' posts, however, they're exactly the same except maybe with a little update from my personal life. This week has been poor to my bank account as I had to pay my rent for the next 12 weeks (thank god for student finance) and I forked out a good amount for a gym membership yesterday. I mostly annoyed I had to buy a scientific calculator for the exam on Monday. I picked up a new night cream but alongside that, this is everything I've been wanting to buy this week.

1. MAC 239 Eye shadow brush: I know I have plenty other eye shadow brushes but often these days I like to wear one colour all over the lid and this would be great for packing on the colour.
2. This Works Sleep: ever since any of This Works products have hit the scene, I've wanted to try them all but this particularly would be good for myself. I sometimes struggle to go to sleep at a reasonable time and I know how much people rave about these so for £10, it might be worth a try.
3. Essie Ballet Slippers: this week my nails have grown a massive amount and I like keeping them neutral but also like to wear a polish all of the time so this fits the bill perfectly. Definitely going to pick this little one up next time I'm in Boots.
4. Tiffany Cat Eye Sunglasses: I know, you think I'm ridiculous for looking at sunglasses already but I'm only thinking ahead, plus it's been quite cold sunshine lately. I wouldn't fork out the money for the Tiffany versions as I know I can get replicas in Camden Market but I'm allowed to look, right?
5. Topshop lipstick in Hazard: It reminds me of MAC Rebel but a dark red rather than purple, exactly what I've been looking for recently.

I would also like to add that as you may notice, I've got a new header for my blog. It was designed by Emily and you can check out her blog here. She listened to everything I wanted for it and it's turned out exactly how I wanted it to look. Let me know what you think of it!

What products are on your top picks for this week?

Luce x