The Edit: A Luxurious Bath

Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath - £42*
Ojon Damage Reserve Restorative Hair Treatment -   £32.50 for 100ml
Soap & Glory Fab Pore Facial Peel - £8

So I'm back to London on Thursday and in my student halls, I don't have a bath (only a shower) in my room so I like to make the most of having a bath whilst at home. Although I will try to sneak another one in on wednesday night, I'm going to tell you about what made my bath that bit more amazing. 

When I got home a few weeks back, I saw that my mum had been given a few samples of Ojon Damage Reserve Restorative Hair Treatment. It's a balm what turns into an oil once massaged between your hands before applying to your hair. I finally got round to using it today so I applied it to my hair a few hours before I went into the bath. It says on the back that you can either leave it on for 5 minutes and wash it off straight away, or leave it on overnight or for a few hours. Knowing how dry and damaged my hair, leaving it on for a few hours was such a good idea. After looking like I had a greasy mop on the top of my head, I washed it off and after drying, I could immediately feel a difference. I have quite split ends and they felt a lot smoother. As if the damaged had been reserved, let's just hope it's not temporarily. 

I was sent the Elemis Nourishing Milk Bath and I got very excited about this and my sister had told me good things about it. I will however, have to leave it behind at home and let my mum use it from now on due to lacking the bath. I am thinking after reading reviews that I could bring it back to London and use it as a moisturising milk as people have used it as that. Rather than placing it into the bath water, I applied it directly to my skin and massaged it in. I will do anything to add moisture to my skin and once I got out of the bath, my skin was silky smooth and I felt like I could skip putting my body butter on afterwards, but that's a step I will never miss after a bath/shower.

The Soap & Glory Fab Pore Facial Peel is just there to say that it does work! It's always there on the side of the bath so I pop a little on my t-zone, although my pores are almost non existent but it gets rid of the few. I have quite sensitive skin and it doesn't react to it at all, no redness or tingly feeling.

What's your favourite bath product? Or shower product?

Luce x