The Make-Up: Vampy Lips

Revlon Lipstick in Plum - £5

So this is the newest lipstick to be added to my collection, I picked up when I was home for Christmas, my mum and I were in Boots and I kept sneaking things into the basket when she wasn't looking. However, when I bought it, most things on the Revlon stand where £5 so I had to pick it up!

Although it looks very red here, it is actually quite a deep purple with a red tone to it, that's just bad lightening on my behalf. I was expecting this to be quite a matte lipstick but it's very moisturising and leaves quite a nice shine (but not in a gross lipgloss way). I wore it for the first time today at uni (which is why I'm looking a little worse for wear) and I was very surprised at how well it lasted. It lasted through me chatting whilst revising, talking to myself in an exam and for a few hours after that. To me, that's good enough. I would suggest wearing a lip liner with this, I chose to use the Topshop liner I use for all dark shades, as I have a feeling it will be prone to bleeding on the lips.

Other than that, my new motto in life is "On a bad day, there's always lipstick", except this applies to me most days, whether it's a good or bad day.

Have you tried any of Revlon lipsticks before?

Luce x