The Sunday Post: 40th Floor Brunch @ Duck & Waffle

 Duck & Waffle with mustard maple syrup 

Steak 'n' Eggs Benedict

Duck Egg en Cocotte

Warm Chocolate Brownie with Peanut Butter ice cream

Cheese Board

I'm pretty sure that you're all now very hungry after looking at those photos. A little bit different from what I usually post about but I eat out at different places quite often and the food is always amazing, so why not share it with you! I have a love of both beauty and food. On Sunday afternoon, my sister, cousin & I went to Duck & Waffle which is on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower, near Liverpool Street Station. 

If there's a birthday or special occasion coming up, I suggest coming here because it's such an amazing experience. The food was delicious, their signature dish which is the Duck & Waffle (did you guess that?), it puts together sweet and savoury with the succulent duck meat with the waffle and syrup. They create dishes what you wouldn't have on a day to day basis so it's worth a trip in my mind. Plus, you're able to eat all of this whilst looking out over London! From any side of the restaurant, you're able to look out over to London. I was able to spot Wembley Stadium looking at one side and then the Olympic Park at the other. From one of the main rooms, you're able to look down at the Gherkin, a building you're normally craning your neck to see.

So if you're wanting to go, it's worth it. It's open 24/7 and they have various different menu's throughout the day but they all serve the same food, just with different add ons. Just make sure you book in advance, we've been trying to go for a while now and they always said to book 2 months in advance. We were lucky that we rang when there was a cancellation. The prices aren't took bad either, it's for a special occasion but it's not going to break the bank. We ate all of this between three of us and it came to just under £60!

You can view all of their menu's here and find a way of contacting them here!

What do you think of these type of posts, should I keep posting about some places I eat at?

Luce x